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About Us

    When E.R. Machine Work opened its doors to operation in 1995, it brought with it over 50 years of combined
experience between its founders, Ernesto Rodriguez and Ramon E. Pedre. Now, with over 15 years in operation, few companies can compare to their level of expertise or quality of work. E.R. Machine Work specializes in building the finest, yet robust stone cutting machinery, here in America. These machines are built to your demands and are fully customizable. They are hand-crafted, affordable machines that are designed to last; ideal for heavy-duty cutting where downtime is not an option. Once you have one of our machines, you too will agree that the combination of precision and durability are unique  and our models meet or even supercede many European counterpart models.
    Chief Executive Officer- Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez was born in Havana, Cuba. As a young man he worked alongside his mentor, Ramon E. Pedre whom educated him on various subjects such as hydraulics, mechanics, welding, and electronics to name a few. During that time, he experimented on many machines and developed a tact for invention through his creativity. When he arrived in the early 1990's to the United States, he worked in a machine shop. He quickly realized the lack of know-how in designing stone cutting machines and the necessity for a local machine manufacturer. He soon drew up plans to make his first model and created the first industrial stone cutting machine of its kind in Florida. He has continued to make his spot in the market of stone cutting and now sells his machines internationally. He has shipped his machines to locations around the United States from Chicago to Atlanta and even to foreign countries such as Mexico and the Bahamas. He continues to make the finest hand-crafted machines in the world.